International Women’s Day celebrations

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International Women’s Day is a great occasion to celebrate the social, cultural, economic, and political achievements of women. Celebrating this day at college can be a great way to acknowledge the role of women in academia, as well as in society at large. Here are some ideas for celebrating International Women’s Day at college:

  1. Organize a panel discussion or seminar on women’s rights and gender equality. Invite speakers from different fields to share their views on topics such as women’s health, education, leadership, and entrepreneurship.
  2. Screen a movie or documentary that highlights the achievements and struggles of women. You could choose a film that portrays a successful woman leader, or a documentary that sheds light on issues faced by women around the world.
  3. Host a cultural event that showcases the talent and creativity of women. This could be a dance performance, poetry reading, or an art exhibition featuring works by female artists.
  4. Set up a booth or information desk to share resources and information on women’s rights and gender equality. You could distribute brochures, posters, or flyers with information on women’s health, safety, education, and other relevant issues.
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