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On-campus infrastructure spread across 12 acres of land typically includes academic infrastructure, administrative infrastructure, library, health, Residential infrastructure, Sports, Extra-Curricular and other campus amenities.

Conference Room

Wi-Fi Campus


Server Room

Mess & Cafeteria

Hostel Facility

Security Room

Language Lab

Seminar Hall


Yoga Room

Computer Labs

Indoor Games

Waiting Lounge

Well-ventilated class rooms

Academic Infrastructure:

Academic buildings typically include

  • Classrooms: Classrooms are spacious and accommodate a large number of students. The classrooms are also equipped with audio-visual facilities and computers.
  • Staff Rooms: Academic staff members may have their own staff room for discussions, meetings and other academic activities.
  • IT Lab: An IT lab is a place where students can learn about computer systems and software. It is equipped with the latest technology and hardware.
  • Entrepreneurship Cell: The entrepreneurship cell is a place where students can learn about entrepreneurship and find resources to start their own businesses.
  • Board Room: The board room is a place where meetings and other important discussions take place. It is usually equipped with a large table and comfortable chairs.
  • Library: A library typically provides students with access to a range of resources, including academic journals, books, magazines, newspapers, databases, and other digital resources. Libraries also provide study rooms.
Conference and Cultural Infrastructure:
Seminar halls and Amphitheatre for conducting Intra-College and Inter-College Events, which provides an ideal setting for large-scale events, as they allow for large crowds and comfortable seating.
Health Infrastructure:

Health and well-being are crucial to students’ academic and personal success, yet nurturing student well-being on campus is a constantly evolving challenge. We provide health care facility to the students by providing First-Aid, counselling, mental health services, nutrition and exercise programs, student health insurance, campus safety programs and fitness centers as and when required. It is well equipped with respect to the availability of basic health related facilities. The health Centre is providing services round the clock to the satisfaction of students, teaching and non-teaching members.

Sports Infrastructure:

Students can socialize outside the classroom with the aid of sports teams and group exercise activities. These events bring together people from various departments, backgrounds, and educational levels. They strengthen ties between various groups and assist college students in honing crucial social abilities related to mingling, rivalry, and collaboration.

Encouragement of involvement in healthy activities can help at-risk teenagers change     their priorities from antisocial conduct to constructive endeavors.

Sports and extracurricular activities instill character strength, teamwork, and group problem-solving skills. To promote the well-being and growth of students, the university has established a well-equipped modern Sports Complex that offers students plenty of indoor and outdoor sports opportunities.

Residential Infrastructure:

We provide hostel for girls with special facilities such as 24-hour security, Female staff, Gender-specific events and activities, Common room for socializing, Laundry facilities, Meal plans, Study areas, Internet access, Gym and fitness facilities.

Security Infrastructure:
The safety of our campus community is of the utmost importance, we have a full-time security team that is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We have implemented a variety of measures to ensure the safety of everyone on campus.
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